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The BetaPlus Club

  • The club was established in 2002 by a small group of people with an interest in computing and sharing their enthusiasm with others.   We have around 80 members, and welcome people  with different levels of expertise, ranging from experts to those with limited experience, who enjoy meeting others with similar interests.
  • Meetings are held in the village halls at West Stoke or West Ashling in West Sussex, and we meet between October and June.
  • Fortnightly club meetings are held on Tuesday mornings,  whilst smaller groups meet once a month on a variety of subjects chosen by the members.  These consist of both more experienced members and those with less knowledge of computing, with the idea of sharing knowledge and learning new skills.
  • Members need a computer and an email link in order to participate in the club activities, and are encouraged to contribute to the running of the club by presenting a topic, suggesting possible speakers, helping with refreshments  etc..
  • Members are able to access the password protected  part of the club website which contains useful resources such as copies of past presentations, minutes of meetings, general information about the club and a calendar of club activities.